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Family Session FAQ

The family photography experience is much more than just creating pictures.  It’s about capturing a lasting memory of who each family member is at this moment in time, preserving the moment through photographic art and cherishing it for generations to come.

Just as I do with my family, I will capture images that can be beautifully displayed throughout your home.  A focal point for your family room, a grouping for the stairway, small prints for the mantle or office desk, digitals to share with family and friends.  I want to capture everything you need and want in this experience and I want us all to have fun in the process.  We want this to be a stress free zone!

My hope is that the images created during your session will be cherished by your family for years to come, and that your experience with us will remain in your hearts forever.

What Will We Wear?


Every detail matters.  Hair and make-up play such an important role in       photographs.  Don’t be fooled by the term, “natural look”.  Even the “natural look”, requires a good amount of make-up and hair products.   We encourage you to consider working with our professional stylist. 


Adding a scarf for a pop of color or texture, headbands, hats, bows and jewelry, will help add a bit of pizazz and personality.

Lots of Layers2021-09-19T22:59:06+00:00

Layering is an easy way to accomplish a variety of looks and incorporate all the colors in your selected palette.  Scarves, jackets and cardigans are all great options.

Clothing Selection2021-09-19T22:59:12+00:00

Select your color palette.  The first outfit selected should be for mom.  When mom is happy and confident in her outfit, everything else falls into place easily.  The rest of the family can build from there.  Shop slowly.  Pick up pieces here and there.  Do not expect to run to the mall and pick up outfits for each family member in one trip.


Clothing selection can be the most stressful part of a family portrait session.  Give yourself plenty of time to make outfit selections!  The best way to give yourself a panic attack is to procrastinate on this.

The Preparation

Session Confirmation and Bad Weather2021-09-19T23:11:52+00:00

Expect an email or text with session confirmation – date, time, location address and meeting point or backdrop options.

For outdoor sessions, in the event of bad weather, Cindi will contact you 2-3 hours before your session time if weather conditions are too poor for the session. 

Select Your Color Pallette2021-09-19T23:11:10+00:00

Visit the color palette link.

A color palette link will be emailed to you.

  • Use the season and/or location as inspiration.
  • Get your shopping done ASAP!
  • Share pics of the outfits with us so we can give some tips and select
    appropriate furniture, props and backdrops.
Pay the Session Fee Invoice2021-09-19T23:10:25+00:00

The standard session fee is $100.

In order to reserve your date and time, the session fee must be paid.

– An invoice will be mailed to you.  It can be paid via credit card online, check by mail or cash in person.

Book Your Date2021-09-19T23:09:56+00:00

We typically book one month in advance.

Give us a call at least one month prior to the date you are hoping to be photographed. 
The fall calendar typically fills 4-6 months in advance.

Have an idea of what you plan to do with the final images so we can
plan the session accordingly.

Tips on a Successful Shoot

Order Pick Up2021-09-19T23:18:24+00:00

Orders can be picked up at The Studio

Orders are typically ready within 4-6 weeks.

  • When the order arrives from the lab, you will be contacted via email.
  • Set up a time to meet at The Studio to pick up your order.  We have rather odd hours at The Studio, so booking a date and time will be necessary.

Please have payment ready.

Full payment is expected at the ordering session.

  • Payment plans can be set up at your request.
  • We accept cash, checks and credit.
Ordering Sessions Take Place at The Studio2021-09-19T23:17:08+00:00

You’ve had one week to share the proofs with family and friends.  Now we will sit down at The Studio and make your final selections together.

You will find helpful forms right here in the handbook to help you prepare.

After the Session2021-09-19T23:16:33+00:00

Your session is over, now what?

Book an Ordering Session

Orders are expected to be placed within 4 weeks of the portrait session

Once your images are ready to view, an online proof gallery will be created for you to view at home.
– An email with a link to your gallery will be sent one week prior to your ordering session.

What and where will we photograph?2021-09-19T23:15:58+00:00

Depending on the type of session, we will meet at The Studio for an indoor session, or a predetermined outdoor location.  On outdoor sessions, the photographer will decide what areas to photograph in based on color coordination, scenery and lighting.

As a rule, we begin with the large group images and break into smaller groups from there.

Getting Started2021-09-19T23:15:26+00:00

Find me at the meeting point.

We will go over the game plan for the session. Get to know each other a bit depending on the type of session booked, we will photograph for 15 – 60 minutes 


Please arrive on time.

Some things are beyond our control, but some are within.  Do your best to arrive on time as another session may be scheduled right after yours.  Sunlight can also be an issue.

Be Prepared2021-09-19T23:13:54+00:00

Pack a bag the day before

Be prepared with proper footwear for the location.  Footwear can be changed once we reach the exact location for the session.

Be aware of weather conditions.  Have umbrellas, coats and blankets when appropriate.  – Bottled water is always a good idea.


The Studio

50630 Van Dyke Avenue,

Shelby Township MI . 48317