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Sports Sessions FAQ

As parents of growing athletes, spending money on the typical team pictures our local clubs provided were frustrating at the least.  These moms decided to go outside the box to provide their kids with something special, which has grown into something special for YOU and YOUR kids.

Our sportrait photography experience is a large step beyond the standard team picture. We take great pride in capturing a team or individual athlete with an extreme edge. Parents, athletes and clubs will take great pride in their images and will cherish them for years to come.

Our team banners and posters have caught the attention of clubs, coaches and photographers nation wide.  We take a unique approach in our style and process, ensuring that we draw out the personality of each team.  We take the time to create flattering poses and natural expressions.

Designs are customized to each team, with strong emphasis on detail.  Bring your team or individual athlete to The Studio and allow our team to create something special your team.


High School Banners

Team Banners are printed on premium 13oz vinyl complete with grommets.  Our standard banner size is 4ft x 6ft and will accommodate any requested size up to 4ft x 8ft. 

Banners are often hung on fences or gym walls at games and tournaments.  They are a great intimidation piece as well as a fun way to honor the Varsity and Senior players.

Price: $300
*includes photo session, design and banner  

Senior/Player Banners

Senior/Player Banners are printed on premium 13oz vinyl complete with grommets.  Our standard banner sizes are 2ft x 4ft and 3ft x 4ft and will accommodate any requested size. 

Price: 2×4 $50 each,
3×4 $60 each

*includes photo session, design and banner  

Team Banners

Team Banners are printed on premium 13oz vinyl complete with grommets.  Our standard banner size is 4ft x 6ft and will accommodate any requested size up to 4ft x 8ft. 

Banners are often used by softball and baseball teams to hang on fences at games and tournaments.  They are a great intimidation piece as well as advertisement for the club.

Price: $40 per player – previously created designs
$50 per player – new designs
*minimum $480
*includes photo session, design and banner  

Team Posters

Team Posters are printed on premium 16pt paper complete with a gloss finish.  Posters are 12”x18”. 

Team Posters Sessions
Price: $40 per player
*includes photo shoot, design and one poster print per player 

Added to Banner Sessions for $12 per player for the entire team
Added to individual Orders for $25 each
Posters also make great gifts for team sponsors $20 each

Team banner packages

Team Package prices are based on banner design and player numbers.
Packages must be decided on, invoiced and paid for, PRIOR to the session date.
Please make package selections on the Team Questionnaire.

Team Packages are NOT required.  They are an option.  Banner prices
start at $40 per player.

Team Package 1
1-4’x6’ Team Banner
1-2‘x4’ Sponsor Banner
1-12×18 Team Poster for each player
1-16×20 Vinyl Door Sign for each player
1-Bag Tag for each player
starting at $1,320

Team Package 2
1-4’x6’ Team Banner
1-2‘x4’ Sponsor Banner
1-12×18 Team Poster for each player
1-16×20 Vinyl Door Sign for each player
starting at $1,079

Team Package 3
1 – 4’x6’ Team Banner
1 – 2‘x4’ Sponsor Banner
1 – 12×18 Team Poster for each player
starting at $659

Team Add On Options
1 – 2‘x4’ Sponsor Banner – $35
1 – 12×18 Team Poster for each player – $12 per player
1 – 16×20 Vinyl Door Sign for each player – $35 per player
1 – Metal Bag Tag for each player – $20 per player
1 – 12×18 Head on a Stick for each Player – $40 per player

These 16×20 Door Signs are printed on banner vinyl to hang on hotel doors at tournaments.  They can later be framed or hung on bedroom doors. Comes with Digital Image of the Door Sign.


16×20  door  sign  $50

Intensity Sessions

Have your athlete photographed by a true professional!

Display your athlete with pride.

Capture this moment before it is gone. You invest in the best training, join the elite clubs, and  cheer for them on the sidelines like they play for the pros. Preserve that pride you feel for their hard work and dedication with an Athlete Sportrait. Session.  You and your athlete will cherish these composites for years to come.  

High quality photographs and creations with head turning results!

Intensity Sessions Starting at: $375


The Preparation

THE TEAM SHOT2021-09-19T23:58:50+00:00

Players are photographed individually and composited together in Photoshop.

The team design is decided upon in advance by the photographer and team rep.

  • Individual images will be created with the same design.
  • Skin retouching is provided at no additional charge on the team image. There is a small fee for individuals.
  • Poses for the team image are selected by the photographer.
  • Orders are complete within 2-4 weeks and are distributed by the team rep.
INDIVIDUAL ORDERS2021-09-19T23:57:53+00:00

Sample products will be displayed for you to see and feel in person. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Orders are due at the session.

  • Siblings/Friends/Parents are welcome to pose for “buddy shots”
  • Individual poses are selected by the player/parents as well as expression.
  • Parents/players can view the individual image on the back of the camera or iPad
    for approval.

Please arrive on time.
Teams are often booked back to back. It is important to keep our timing
on track. This also helps you get in and out and on your way quickly.

  • Most sessions are complete within an hour.
  • If you are unable to attend with the team, players can reschedule for $50.
BE PREPARED2021-09-19T23:56:38+00:00

Roster/Consent should be signed by every parent BEFORE session. Individual ordering information should be shared with the team about one week before the session.

Please have all signatures on the Roster/Consent PRIOR to arrival. This will help the session run smoothly and efficiently.


Details matter! It is very importrant to be prepared for the session. Uniforms should be clean and neat. Be sure to have all the uniform items and equipment ready. Hair should be brushed and neat, faces washed. Every detail shows.


Feel free to change uniforms, hair styles and accessories for the individual photos. Players can use whatever equipment they like, and have their choice pose and expression.

UNIFORMS AND GEAR2021-09-19T23:55:44+00:00

Teams most commonly all wear the same uniform.  We have had teams wear a variety though, displaying all the uniforms in one image can be cool. It is important to make the decision on who will wear which uniforms prior to the session and should be discussed with the photographer in order to prepare for proper balance in the final image.  Belts, shin guards, cleats, tucked in shirts; if one wears, all should wear.

Balls, bats, helmets, gloves, batting gloves; bring them.  Not all players will use them but all should have them and be prepared to use them.  METAL CLEATS ARE NOT TO BE WORN IN THE STUDIO!


Headbands, bows, eye black, eye black glitter, bandanas and all that jazz…..
We LOVE teams to bring some personality to their sessions with accessories.  Some teams choose to have uniformity with these items and others enjoy showing more individuality within the team.  These decisions need to be made PRIOR to the session and should be shared with the photographer.   

HAIR AND HATS2021-09-19T23:54:48+00:00

Girls should wear their hair down for these sessions. Pulling the hair back, will cause the girls to look bald.  

Consent Forms2021-09-19T23:54:33+00:00
  • The Team Roster/Consent Form MUST be completed and signed BEFORE your session.  That will help your session run efficiently.
  • Individual Order Forms only need to be completed for players that are placing individual orders.  Orders and payment are due at the session. 
Paying the team fee reserves the selected date.2021-09-19T23:53:58+00:00
  • Collection of the team fee is done by the Parent Coordinator, one payment is then made to us.
  • Individual orders are paid at the session, by cash credit or check.
Select the Design2021-09-19T23:53:05+00:00

Designs are viewable on the website.

The entire team will never agree on one design.  It is best for the Parent Coordinator to make the selection.  Note your selection in the questionnaire ASAP.

Pay the online invoice An invoice for the TEAM fee will be emailed and can be paid directly online.

Book Your Date2021-09-19T23:51:39+00:00

We typically book one month in advance.

Give us a call at least one month prior to the date you are hoping to shoot.  Sunday afternoons tend to work well for busy families.

The parent coordinator should introduce two dates to parents, determine which works best for the majority and book the date.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a big process. There are bound to be lots of questions.  Please contact us with your questions, we are happy to address them.  The more informed you are, the more fun we will have at the session!

There is an error on my order, what do I do?2021-09-20T00:01:50+00:00

If you notice an error in your order, please contact us directly and we will take care of you right away.  We HATE to make mistakes but with the amount of customization that goes into each order, human error will hit us at some point.  We will apologize whole heartedly and will correct the any error that we are at fault for.  Please understand that we will fix OUR mistakes at no cost to you.  YOUR mistakes will be fixed at your expense.  Please take the time to COMPLETE the order form and use your neatest hand writing.

Where and when do we pick up our orders?2021-09-20T00:01:30+00:00

Orders will be ready in 2-4 weeks.  Items that will be displayed at tournaments, (banners and player door signs), are our first priority so you may get those before the individual orders are complete.  Please keep in mind that these are all custom creations and do take time.  Some products take a bit longer to arrive from the lab than others.  We will keep the parent coordinator informed on expected arrival dates.  The parent coordinator will pick up the entire team order from The Studio and will distribute the order
to the players.

My player cannot make the team shoot, can we schedule a make up?2021-09-20T00:01:13+00:00

Yes, make up times can be set up.  Please call us prior to your team’s scheduled session and discuss the details with the photographer.  There is a $50 fee for make ups.  Please don’t hate us for that.  It is unavoidable.  It costs us money to make up your session, and that money has to come from somewhere.

How many poses do we get?2021-09-20T00:01:01+00:00

Players will pose for one image that will go on the group design. This pose is chosen by the photographer. A second pose will be taken for those that are placing individual orders.  That pose is selected by the parent and player and can be viewed on the back of the camera for approval. If you are looking for more variety and options, a private session can be set up for you.

What is the player digital image and what can we do with it?2021-09-20T00:00:39+00:00

Digital images are burned to a CD or are made available by digital download.  These images can be viewed on computers and electronic devices, and/or printed on your home printer or local print lab, (we like Costco). Digital images are sold two ways – “with package” and “without package”.  The “with package” option is sold as the image that is used on a product that you have purchased and will be the sized as such.  The “without package” option is sold as a product and will be sized in a format that can be printed in a 5:4 ratio.

Please view the crop lines when placing an order at an outside lab.  If this is a confusing concept to you, please purchase prints directly from us.  For more information on this, please google, “aspect ratio for photographs”. 

Can we get a digital image of the team?2021-09-20T00:00:15+00:00

Websized digital images will be emailed to the parent coordinator as part of your team session fee.
The image can be shared with the entire team and used on your website and social media. We do not
sell printable digital images of the team.


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