When and how do we place our order?

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Your proof gallery will go LIVE seven days prior to your scheduled ordering session.  When your images (digital proofs) have been posted for [...]

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How are poses chosen?

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Have specific posing requests or expressions that you want to be sure to capture?  Please share the request with Cindi prior to the [...]

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Will there be props?

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Please feel free to bring any props that you would like used during your session. Old chairs, benches, mirrors, luggage, a car, motorcycle, [...]

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What about my glasses?

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If you wear glasses, please consider removing the lenses from the frames before the session to avoid glare. Transition lenses will not photograph [...]

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What about hair and makeup?

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It can be tempting to go overboard with make-up but we want your natural beauty to shine through.  Make-up is recommended especially lip [...]

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Where will we shoot?

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Please browse the website for location ideas.  Select a location that truly reflects your personality. Meadows, fields of wildflowers, historic buildings, favorite park, [...]

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What if the weather is bad?

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In the event of weather related cancellation, photo sessions will be rescheduled as quicly as possible.  The best day we can hope for [...]

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