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Players are photographed individually and composited together in Photoshop. The team design is decided upon in advance by the photographer and team rep. [...]


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Please arrive on time. Teams are often booked back to back. It is important to keep our timing on track. This also helps [...]


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Roster/Consent should be signed by every parent BEFORE session. Individual ordering information should be shared with the team about one week before the [...]


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Details matter! It is very importrant to be prepared for the session. Uniforms should be clean and neat. Be sure to have all [...]


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Feel free to change uniforms, hair styles and accessories for the individual photos. Players can use whatever equipment they like, and have their [...]


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Headbands, bows, eye black, eye black glitter, bandanas and all that jazz..... We LOVE teams to bring some personality to their sessions with [...]

Consent Forms

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The Team Roster/Consent Form MUST be completed and signed BEFORE your session.  That will help your session run efficiently. Individual Order Forms only [...]