Order Pick Up

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Orders can be picked up at The Studio Orders are typically ready within 4-6 weeks. When the order arrives from the lab, you [...]

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Please have payment ready. Full payment is expected at the ordering session. Payment plans can be set up at your request. We accept [...]

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After the Session

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Your session is over, now what? Book an Ordering Session Orders are expected to be placed within 4 weeks of the portrait session [...]

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Getting Started

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Find me at the meeting point. We will go over the game plan for the session. Get to know each other a bit [...]

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Please arrive on time. Some things are beyond our control, but some are within.  Do your best to arrive on time as another [...]

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Be Prepared

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Pack a bag the day before Be prepared with proper footwear for the location.  Footwear can be changed once we reach the exact [...]

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